Vertical ramps can be controlled electro-hydraulically and can be brought to a fully vertical position when not in use. They save space. It is easy and economical to install because it does not require any pit.
All components of the mobile ramp have CE or TSE.It is designed with 6000 kg dynamic and 9000 kg static loading capacity. It can be produced up to 10000 kg dynamic loading. All carrying construction is designed for maximum effectiveness and long time use.Vertical Dock Leveller have a reinforced steel bottom frame to reduce vibration it is very important at hand to lift.
The self-contained power unit with weatherproof cover is usually mounted on a shelf under the bridge, and easy-to-use wall-mount pushbutton controls are standard.The vertical ramp platform is operated by the hydraulic oil pump, valves, piston, and control panel. Through this simple but well-designed system, it is possible to control vertical ramps with a single button. The system is designed only for adjusting its position, it shouldn’t be used for lifting loads. Each system is equipped with a safety valve that prevents the oil flow so that the ramp does not descend unintentionally in the event of a power outage.

Hydraulic components and valves have sealing that is not affected by weather conditions.

Standard vertical ramp main platform dimensions are 200×150 cm (WxL). The vertical ramp carrying capacity is 7 tons during loading and unloading. Ramps can be selected in different sizes and capacities according to the width of the vehicle, carrying capacity of the ramp, etc.

You can contact your sales consultant to choose the most suitable standard or non-standard product that we will design specifically for you.