Loading ramps provide maximum loading speed and efficiency by building a permanent bridge between the loading area and the vehicle in areas where there is a lot of entry and exit goods shipment.
The hinged loading ramp consists of 2 main parts. The first is the main platform, and the second is the lip. The lip can be hinged or telescopic. The hydraulic oil pump, valves, large and small pistons, and the control board move the main platform and lip properly. Valves control the order of movements of these pistons. Thanks to this simple but well-designed system, it is possible to control standard hinged ramps with a single button.
In telescopic ramps, a control button adds separately for the exit and entry of the telescopic lip. Hydraulic equipment is only used for changing the ramp position. It shouldn’t be used for lifting a load other than its weight. The system is equipped with a safety valve that prevents the oil flow so that the ramp does not descend unintentionally in the event of a power outage.
Standard loading ramp main platform dimensions are 200×250 cm (WxL). Hinged model lip size is 40 cm, telescopic model lip sizes are 60 and 100 cm. Ramp carrying capacity holds 7 tons during loading/unloading, and 9 tons in the closed position. Ramps can be selected in different sizes and capacities according to the width of the vehicle, carrying capacity of the ramp, etc.
You can contact your sales consultant to choose the most suitable standard or non-standard product that we will design specifically for you.