Manual dock levellers and drawbridges (aka. dock plates) provide an economical, reliable solution for basic docking operations. Acting as the bridge between your facility and the bed of a docked vehicle, manually operated Levellers and Drawbridges are easy to operate by hand, coming in a variety of configurations that do not require a power supply and incur no energy costs.

Dynamicloading mini manually operated swing-lip dock leveller, specifically developed for standard Loading area fleet of standardized vehicles, trailers, Truck with bed height. t is operated manually crank lever, cause of that mini dock leveller is extremely cost-effective and durable, our mini ramps are equipped with special spring which makes it easier to operate by hand and one-person operations are available. The design meets the demands of most simple loading operations and ensures employer compliance with all ergonomic requirements.

Manuel mini dock leveller is fitting in front of the building and no need for any extra concrete pit and supply very fast installations and operations,

The lip of the Manuel Mini dock leveller is made from carbon steel. The lip is designed extremely flat which ensures the rear connection to the dock edge is bump-free, This properties is supply smooth passages for operators from building and truck bed for Manual Handling Equipment.Mini ramp is best Solutions Loading and unloading with Manual Handling Equipment