Lift tables are used to raise and position materials or a worker in such a way as to supply handling, change the level of goods, reach to height working area or reduce potential injuries in a wide array of industries.
Lift tables are designed to impose proper ergonomic principles into common work functions, at maintenance, industry, school, office, rent and warehousing applications providing economical and easy-to-transport access solutions. Unlike the elevators, scissors lift(s) don’t occupy any area they can be fixed at pits and a smooth surface can be used.

Common Features

●Complies with ANSI MH 29.1-2003 “Safety Requirements For Industrial Scissor Lifts” and CE marked.
●Flow limiting valve at the cylinder to arrange the speed of the system.
●Electro-Hydraulic power unit with a maximum pressure device to prevent overload.
●All lifts have appropriate devices against collapse duty to failure of pipe or power.
●All connection miles and pipes are covered bronze material blocking corrosion.
●The system has Self-lubricating bearings on all pivots.
●All lifts need less maintenance also have nipples for grease.●All hydraulic shaft system is made of honed pipe and chrome covered steel mile.
●All lift is covered with epoxy-based paint with colour options.
●All Hydraulic hoses appropriate to SAE J 517 C-100R.

Material Lifts

Material lifts are designed to change level goods. Heavy duty and ordinary systems can be supplied working level and load capacity can be changed according to clients requirements. Generally, the system is fixed on the ground and has a removable side barrel and sometimes the bottom table is designed with rotary properties.

It is compatible with steel materials and the system have standard safety properties. The system can be used inside or outside of the building. Special designed dropped design bottom steel sheets supply safely working every condition.

Single shaft, multi-shaft, tandem lifts and catering-cabin service lifts can be manufactured according to the special requirements of clients.